Happy Birthday Messages For Office Friends

At this time so many boy and girl can use Android mobile phone and this mobile phone we can use facebook and whatshapp. At morning time we can share morning messages for each other and at this time every boy and girl has friends. So morning time every boy and girl can send message for your friends.

Happy Birthday Messages For Office Friends:

16) Great colleagues are those who make work seem like play. Happy birthday to one such awesome person.


17) Everyone likes you, not just because you are an expert in your domain, but because you happily share your expertise with everyone. Happy birthday.


18) Thanks for being a colleague who has given me support and encouragement instead of jealousy and manipulation. Happy birthday.


19) Everyone in the office stands by each other when things are going according to plan. But very few colleagues like you stand shoulder to shoulder even when things go wrong. Happy birthday braveheart.


20) Without colleagues like you, workplaces would be devoid of the two most important things – smiles and laughs. Happy birthday.

Birthday note for colleagues card with flowers secret to happy workspace

21) The secret to a happy workspace is having awesome colleagues like you. Happy birthday.


22) Motivate and Inspire are words that come in mind when I think about you, because that is what you do. Happy birthday.


23) My wife thinks that there is something fishy when she sees me eager to go to work on a Monday morning. But she does not know that I have a great buddy for a colleague. Happy birthday.


24) I don’t like overtime just because I get paid more. I love overtime because I get to spend more time with awesome colleagues like you. Happy birthday.


25) Some colleagues make decisions, some colleagues find faults, some colleagues gossip and some colleagues tell others what to do. You are different because all you do is focusing on getting the job done. Happy birthday.

Sweet birthday card greeting for colleagues and co-workers

26) The office is less like a workplace, all because of your chirpy face. The team functions like a well-oiled machine, thanks to one of the most helpful colleagues I’ve seen. Happy birthday to the co-worker who is the department’s heartbeat, your presence is what makes work-life so sweet.


27) When new recruits are given orientation on their first day, they must be told that they have to aim to become model employees and terrific colleagues like you. Happy birthday.


28) I am successful at what I do, not because I am smart or intelligent but because I have smart and intelligent colleagues like you. Happy birthday.


29) Thanks up for brightening up every day at work by being funny and smart. I always knew that there was something different about you from the very start. Happy birthday.


30) If your cubicle wasn’t next to mine, I don’t think coming to work would have been an experience so fine. Happy birthday buddy.

Birthday card wish for colleagues and co-workers